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Travis Hall Ministires

Helping People Build A Life
That Feels As Good As It Looks.

It’s time to free yourself from performance-once and for all. Jesus paid that price on the cross so that you wouldn’t have to!

Daily, we are bombarded with messages that our acceptance is earned, our value never exceeds our hustle, and a person’s worth never exceeds their net worth. The problem is that these mantras strangle and crush us-in our pursuit of a joy-filled relationship with God.In Enough, Pastors Ben Dailey and Travis Hall dismantle the house of cards of living a performance-driven life to earn God’s love. This uplifting narrative will help you: 

  • Explore and discover the root cause of your striving for God’s acceptance.
  • Rethink your misperceptions about who God really is and how much He loves you.
  • Boldy step into your daily reality . . . that you are enough in Christ!

It’s time to free yourself from performance-once and for all. Jesus paid that price on the cross so that you wouldn’t have to!

Leadership Institute
Research has repeatedly proven that the 3 predictors of a leader’s longevity is Emotional health, Spiritual Development, and Relational Intelligence. That's why I've curated 12 unique sessions focused on a leaders emotional, spiritual, and relational health so you're equipped to start well, stay well, and finish well. Otherwise you end up doing the good work of God in a way that erodes the good work of God in you.  I want Christian leaders to cross their finish line smiling, loving God and themselves, full of joy, holding their spouses hand, with a legacy of happy and fulfilled children right behind them.  I want to help you build a life that feels as good as it looks.

A leader’s core is made up of 3 parts:


Learn to identify old, internal wounds that unknowingly hold you back, and learn to eliminate the underlying fears that keep you from building a life that feels as good as it looks.


Learn how to identify the relational patterns that keep you from experiencing the full potential of life-giving relationships in friendship, marriage, and beyond.

Spiritual Development 

Adopting an inaccurate image of God in your heart will stifle peace, joy, and growth in every other part of your life. Seeing God for who He really is releases you to see you for who you really are so you can experience the abundant life God promised.

And those 3 parts make up the thrust of our focus at the Leadership Institute.

Transformational Truths Podcast With Travis Hall

Tune in to our podcast now, available on all platforms.

Walking in Your
Purpose Course

Your roadmap to discover, develop, protect and redeem your purpose.

The Walking in Your Purpose Course will help you shatter limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and release you to experience fulfillment as you achieve your God given purpose.

This video course is available online through the Teachable platform.

Seven Deadly Thoughts

When life doesn’t seem to want to go our way, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But how often do we look inward and truly analyze the way our own thinking has affected our trajectory? How might we free ourselves from these self-imposed limitations? What could a shift in mindset do for you? Seven Deadly Thoughts seeks to answer these questions and more.
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Travis Hall Ministires

Equipping leaders to Start well, Stay well, and Finish well. 

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